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Identification of textile fibers /

Houck, M M.

Identification of textile fibers / Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles edited by Max M. Houck. - Woodhead Publishing in Textiles ; Number 84 . - Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles .

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Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.

Cover; Identification of textile fibers; Copyright; Contents; Dedication; Contributor contact details; Woodhead Publishing in Textiles; Part I: Textile fiber structure and characteristics; 1 Introduction to textile fiber identification; 1.1 References; 2 Ways of identifying textile fibers and materials; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Identification and comparison of fibers; 2.3 Classification of fibers; 2.4 Pyrolysis gas chromatography; 2.5 Analysis of fiber colors and dyes; 2.6 Future trends; 2.7 References; 3 Natural animal textile fibres: structure, characteristics and identification 3.1 Introduction3.2 Animal fibre growth, structure, composition and properties; 3.3 Types of natural animal fibres; 3.4 Natural animal fibre characteristics; 3.5 Identification of natural animal fibres; 3.6 Future trends; 3.7 Sources of further information and advice; 3.8 Acknowledgements; 3.9 References; 4 Synthetic textile fibers: structure, characteristics and identification; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Fundamental characteristics of fibrous materials; 4.3 Common synthetic fibers; 4.4 Crystal structure of synthetic fibers; 4.5 Identification of synthetic fibers; 4.6 References 5 High performance fibers: structure, characteristics and identification5.1 Introduction; 5.2 The primary structure and physical properties of HPFs; 5.3 Identification of high strength and high modulus fiber; 5.4 Alternative methods for analyzing higher-order structure; 5.5 Sources of further information and advice; 5.6 References; 6 The use of classification systems and production methods in identifying manufactured textile fibers; 6.1 Introduction; 6.2 Polymer origins and fiber classification; 6.3 PLA/polylactide fiber; 6.4 Fiber subclasses; 6.5 Multicomponent fibers; 6.6 Future trends 6.7 Sources of further information and advice6.8 References; Part II: Methods of fiber identification; 7 Optical microscopy for textilefibre identification; 7.1 Introduction; 7.2 Practical and quality control considerations; 7.3 Initial identification based on physical appearance; 7.4 Identification based on properties; 7.5 Examples of more advanced microscopic techniques; 7.6 Future trends; 7.7 Sources of further information and advice; 7.8 References; 8 The use of spectroscopy for textilefiber identification; 8.1 Introduction: spectroscopy of fibers 8.2 Categorizing methods by nature of excitation8.3 Categorizing methods by measurement process; 8.4 Common methods of spectroscopy; 8.5 References; 9 Microspectrophotometry for textile fibercolor measurement; 9.1 Introduction; 9.2 An understanding of spectroscopy; 9.3 Microspectrophotometer design; 9.4 Types of microspectroscopy; 9.5 Perception of color: human vs. machine; 9.6 Metamerism; 9.7 Applications of microspectroscopy in fiber analysis; 9.8 Limitations, strengths, and future trends; 9.9 References; 10 Alternative and specialised textile fibre identification tests; 10.1 Introduction 10.2 Alternative methods of fibre identification

The identification of fibers is important to the textile industry, forensic science, fashion designers and historians among others. Identifying fibers involves observing the physical and chemical properties of the fiber for which there are a wide diversity of instruments available. This book provides a comprehensive review of fiber structure, the diversity of instruments available to identify fibers and applicications for a range of industries.The first part of the book examines the main fibers, their structure and characteristics. Part two focuses on methods of fiber identification, r



Textile fibers.
Textile fibers--Identification.

TS1540 / .I346 2009

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